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Each dish has its own story to tell


Let yourself be seduced by morning coffee aroma and freshly baked croissants.
Enjoy a delicious american breakfast.
Delight with our homemade granola, selection of local breads, fresh fruits, homemade pastries and much more.
If you prefer to have breakfast in bed,
just ask!

Boca de Toro Restaurante

The space, a bistró with an eclectic and neo-baroque atmosphere, with intellectual touches, invite you for a lunch or dinner to share.
The friendliness in the conception of space makes it open to all forms of enjoyment and this is the desired objective.
That all feel invited to have a good time, with the best of the Spanish cuisine redefined.
Its chef, Agustín Monticelli brings us a proposal which he defines as “a concept of global cuisine, traveling cuisine and traditionally revised”

Monday to Saturday: 11hs to 00hs
Sundays: closed

Visit Sky Bar

The cool design of the place is unique and sophisticated with a Mediterranean beachy atmosphere.
Nothing like going up to this oasis in the heart of city, to forget about the heat, stress and asphalt.
Getting together with friends after a long day at work, meet tourists who are staying at the Hotel and enjoy of an exclusive live music available throughout the season are some of the proposals that Visit Sky Bar has for you.

BdT Club

Dim light, hushed bustle, confidential party nights,  chance encounters, when everything sleeps around them.
Enter a warm atmosphere and cozy, created by its colors, textures and lighting. It makes you disconnect and relax after a long day.
The soul of Boca de Toro Club lies in its outstanding cocktails menu which offers you a wide variety of options to satisfy your demanding palate and offer you a sensory experience like no other.